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If you are looking for an item that protects your car from harmful external influences, there are two main options – indoor and outdoor car cover. The following content will help you make the right decision and discover which one works best for you.

Interior Car Cover

Most people believe that their cars are fully protected while they are parked in a garage. That’s not true! All vehicles are vulnerable to various hazards, and that is why you need to protect them with a car cover for a 2005 sequoia indoor storage. If you park your vehicle in a garage or shed for long periods, it is most likely filled with enough dust. In addition to dust, there are other dangerous elements in garages. For example, when taking out or putting in another car, it can scratch the paint on your car. There is also harmful pollution, children, pets, garden tools and other friction and minor bumps. All this happens in most garages. That is why you need to consider using an indoor car cover . There is a wide range of interior car cover on the market, from simple sheets to fully adapted covers that are specially designed for your vehicle. These covers come in different materials and in a wide variety of adjustment options. Although most work well in a garage, they are usually not suitable for outdoor use.

Covers for Cars for Outdoors

Part 1: Features of the Automatic Car Sunshade
The automatic car sunshade has been designed to please both advanced technology and personal satisfaction. The following features make the automatic car umbrella a superior outdoor deck.

  1. Portability:The umbrella is portable and easy to carry since it only occupies a space of 85cm and weighs 6kgs. It can be folded and stored inside your bag.
  2. One Click Installation:It can be easily installed with just one click on the remote control. The installation process takes about 30 seconds. Once installed and open, it covers an area of ​​approximately 2100mm x 4000mm.
  3. Temperature Difference:When installed in your vehicle, it offers a temperature difference of up to 36 degrees, which means that when the temperature is high, it is possible to lower it inside the car.
  4. Sun Protection Scheme:Between the umbrella and the car is a space that guarantees air flow. This means that even if the surface of the umbrella increases, the heat is not transmitted to the vehicle. Thus, the umbrella guarantees your car total protection against heat!
  5. Personal selection:There is a wide range of colors from which you can choose depending on your preferences.

Part 2: Advantages of the Automatic Car Umbrella

The automatic car umbrella has the following advantages:

  1. Protects your car from bird droppings and acid rain.
  2. It allows you to make your business trips for as long as you want without worrying because your car is protected from heat and other physical damage.
  3. It allows you to wait for someone for a long time without having to get out of the car because of the discomfort of high temperatures and excessive heat.
  4. It gives you a lot of time to work without worrying about moving your vehicle under a shadow.
  5. It allows you to enjoy every moment of your outdoor activities.

Body cover that is more effective than you think

I think that there are many people who have a negative impression when it comes to body covers, but most of the opinions are imaginary, and the truth is that there are few opinions of people who actually use body covers. I am also a user of body covers, and all outdoor storage cars have body covers. In total, it has been nearly 20 years of body cover use, but I feel that the benefits are far greater than the disadvantages. The merit of the body cover can keep the state after car wash that it . The use of a cover that matches the body shape is a prerequisite, but if the body cover is hung after washing the car, the car will hardly get dirty even if left for two weeks. In addition to dirt such as rain and dust, it can prevent bird dung attacks and scratches such as cats, and because it is not exposed to direct sunlight, it can prevent deterioration of the painted surface, as well as deterioration of interiors such as dashboards and tire cracks. You can also suppress cracking. If you store it with a body cover, you won’t know what type of car it is, so you can also expect a blindfold effect on cars that are easily stolen or rare.

When choosing a body cover, choose one that matches your vehicle

There are many people who choose a cheap body cover at home centers, but this is actually the cause of failure. Cheap body covers are roughly sized such as S, M, and L, and generally choose larger than the body size (there is a tendency to buy larger because it does not fit if it is small). In addition, because it does not fit the body shape, it will be easy to flutter with a little breeze. In addition, the cheap body cover is untreated on the back side, so it may cause scratches on the painted surface due to wind flutter. The car body genuine body cover has the same shape as the car model, but many others are not much different from cheap body covers and are not recommended. I recommend a body cover with a brushed back that is shaped by car . Although it is a little expensive, it will last for about 5 years if used well, and you can fully benefit from the body cover. The point when choosing a body cover is to choose a type that squeezes the hem and fixes it like a drawstring bag. A typhoon will not fly if the body cover is shaped like a car and the hem is fixed at the bottom (in fact, I have never experienced a body cover flying in the past). And if possible, a flameproof type is better. The precautions when hanging the body cover are

  • Wipe the body with a car wash or wet cloth to remove the dirt, and then apply the body cover.
  • Before removing the body cover, lightly clean the body cover with a wet rag.
  • Do not wash the body cover with detergent (particularly water repellent)

Regular dirt can be removed by wiping the surface of the body cover with a wet cloth. Washing with detergent will not only keep the foam from falling forever, but the remaining detergent will adversely affect the painted surface. An inexpensive body cover has no breathability and is worried about stuffiness, but most body covers such as those with a brushed back do not allow water from the surface to pass through, and use a breathable fabric that escapes steam from the back side So don’t worry too much. It is not suitable for cars that are used every day for commuting or shopping, but it is recommended to put a body cover on people who only get on the weekends or store cars that do not move very much.


As you can conclude from everything we mentioned above, there is no better option than the automatic car umbrella when it comes to outdoor car cover. This advanced article is versatile, easy to use, very durable and reliable. That is why many people prefer it instead of indoor covers. A common problem with cars is that they get dirty right away. Have you ever been disappointed with a dusty car over the weekend, even after your car was washed and coated over the weekend to make it shiny? If you parked indoors, but still parked in the open-air blue parking lot, you can get all-you-can-dirt due to rain, dust, and bird dung. Especially those who drive on weekends and those who don’t get in the car will be disillusioned with the dirty condition of their car after a long time.

Body covers are recommended for people with such problems .

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